At Buletedan, our quality control team monitors all quality related activities
to ensure conformance to product specifications. We conduct intensive audits to ensure
all products are of the highest quality. With Buletedan’s quality and reliability management system,
Buletedan ensures that all products leaving our factories are met with our clients’ highest standards.

We Prioritize Quality

At Buletedan, we prioritize quality. We believe that a product of quality is validated through rigorous testing, lab data, and client satisfaction. Our quality control lab technicians prepare and operate on regulatory lab equipment and produce detailed reports to ensure the quality of our products. Our lab is equipped with 11 devices designed to test and inspect various aspects of product compliance to conform with ISO, FDA, CE, BSCI, and SGS requirements. We regularly update our ISO, FDA, BSCI, and related certifications to guarantee our constant dedication to maintaining and improving our product quality.

Our quality control personnel conduct lab inspections to make sure all products manufactured are of the highest quality and stability throughout pre, post, and in production inspection. Buletedan ensures that all products leaving our facility meet our clients’ highest standards and industry guidelines around the globe.