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AI Management

Buletedan’s ERP system is a complete and integrated system that manages all aspects of our product molding, manufacturing, sales, procurement, supply chain, customs, human resources, and financial management. Our ERP system provides insights and internal controls, and it helps us to manage day-to-day business activities and compliances. With our ERP system, we can deliver superb market forecasts and punctual lead times.

HNTE Recognition

Buletedan is a High-New Technology Enterprise (HNTE) recognized company, a policy advocated by the Ministry of Finance in China. Some of the criteria for obtaining HNTE status include: the intellectual patent rights owned by the enterprise, the ability of the enterprise to convert R&D into productivity, the ability of the enterprise to organize and manage R&D activities, and the growth capability of high-new tech product revenue.

Distinctive. Customized. Clean.

In the oral health care product industry, we are a leader in innovation. With various patents and trademarks in plastic injection and packaging machining, our research and development team drives our dental care products forward.

Buletedan specializes in designing automated plastic injection mold machines and packaging machines for dental products. Our core competencies lay in our way of establishing manufacturing lines are that are distinctive from the industry’s standards. Machining designed and manufactured by Buletedan produces high-quality and precise product specifications that retailers and brand owners rely on to attract their consumers.

At Buletedan, we focus on providing the latest production technology to provide the cleanest dental product possible through continual investment in our automated machining equipment.